HousingWorks The Affordable, Subsidized and Special Needs Housing World is broken. But an astonishing number of people are working over-time to hold the pieces together.

Some of them use HousingWorks, and they were kind enough to send a picture of themselves wearing one of Shirts or holding one of our Bags.

We have their permisson to post but, out of respect, we are not including their names, so that they can do their job in peace and quiet. As if!

We're in Many Places

1. Staff from Lynn Shelter Association

"Me with one of my favorite T-Shirts!"
2. Staff from Project Hope - Paulette and Carmen at a Housing rally in Boston
3. Staff from HousingWorks
4. Liza and the Hibiscus

5.Random Runner Alfredo with T Shirt, front and back view
6. A trio with shirts
7. Social Service Agency Message Board
8. Staff from

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