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HousingWorks.net as an Ecosystem
HousingWorks is a service designed for individuals and organizations working in the subsidized/affordable/special needs housing world. This world has many helping systems that cannot possibly network. Simply by launching the HousingWorks, it brought the many broken and disconnected housing aspects into a smoothly functioning Ecosystem. The more the living (applicants, landlords and planners) and non-living aspects of the Housing world (computer systems, marketing initiatives, internet connections, and databases) recognize and rely on the ecosystem model as designed by HousingWorks, the more they increase service delivery and simultaneously save money. You can see in detail how balkanized the current system is by viewing this three-page document, Description of the current Broken Housing System

The following is paraphrased from: The Ecosystem: Concept, Structure, and Function. If you want to know more, this link provides an excellent starting point.
"Usually, biotic members of an ecosystem (living aspects), together with their abiotic factors (non-living environments) depend on each other. This means the introduction of a new biotic or abiotic factor, or the sudden absence of a biotice or abiotic factor can be disastrous to the entire ecosystem."

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