HousingWorks We know that everything is connected to, and affects, everything else,
so it's fitting that our slogan is: "Housing Works for Everyone."

HousingWorks Staff 1 Here at HousingWorks, we look for staff with a variety of skills to fit the multiple needs of our stakeholders in the affordable, subsidized, and special needs housing world ("SASN Housing"). We improve the quality of service for advocates, the quality and efficiency of waitlists for housing providers, and we provide first-ever data for policy makers on more than one hundred thousand housing seekers in New England. Wed like to introduce our current, hard-working team. Mixing social justice, social service, technology, and data entry requires a hybrid staff and innovative training materials to introduce staff to the 'Rube Goldberg' contraction that is SASN Housing. Since no one should or can do 8 hours of data entry every day - so our staff changes jobs within the company frequently, and some work only part-time. Also, we sometimes bring in staff with particular language capabilities, to handle waitlists comprised of mostly non-English speaking populations. Visiting our roster every six months, you are sure to see new faces! HousingWorks Staff 2

Our Staff

Ethnic Origins: Russian, Austrian, English, French
Occupation: Bookkeeper (rewrite all)
Skill set: Bookkeeping, Organizational Consulting, Ceramic Artists, Writer, Poet.
Primary Focus: Bookkeeper
Ethnic Origins: Uganda
Occupation: Network Technician, Data Entry
Skill set: Can fix anything.
Job(s) at HousingWorks: Wait List Builder
Primary Focus: Data Entry, Network Systems
John Clay
Photo Not Yet Available Kate
Ethnic Origins: Armenia
Occupation: BA in English
Skill set: Writing and Editing
Job(s) at HousingWorks: Wait List Builder
Primary Focus: Urban Edge, Walden Square, Project Management
Photo Not Yet Available
John LaBella
Ethnic Origins: Italian, Danish
Occupation: MM in Music
Skill set: How Systems Interact for Good or Bad
Job(s) at HousingWorks: Designer/Trainer
Primary Focus: Training, Program Design, Outreach
Photo Not Yet Available Name
Photo Not Yet Available Name
Ethnic Origins: Armenia
Skill set:
Job(s) at HousingWorks:
Primary Focus:

HousingWorks serves thousands of housing advocates, and provides waitlist services for one hundred subsidized and affordable properties in New England. As of June 2016, there are over 150,000 applicants for housing listed in our database. We mine data on the supply and demand for housing. We are also looking to expand to provide waitlist services for more properties, and to assist more housing advocates. Our success is based on the unique way we link actions performed by individual advocates and providers to serve the greater whole. This means that non-subscribers also benefit hugely from the work performed by our customers. The larger our advocate and provider population grows, the greater the service delivery, accessibility, time savings, and cost-savings for all stakeholders. Contact us to see how you might benefit as an advocate, provider, or policy and planning agency!

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Read the founders' biographies here.

Contact Information

P.O. Box 231104, Boston, MA 02123-1104