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Script: John LaBella
Script Editors: Mia Hutchinson-Shaw and Thuan Nguyen
Voice-Over: Evan Sibley

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Don't use:

            Your Phone (hard to print housing applications via phone)
            Windows 10 Microsoft Edge - not 100% compatible
            Internet Explorer - no longer safe

Script Editors: John La Bella and John Kraft
Voice Over: John LaBella

Training Advice:

1. Watch this advanced video after
    entering at least one household into the system.

2. When prompted during the Advanced Video,
    Sign on to HousingWorks
    and practice each of the Advanced Skills.

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Advocate Packet for New Subscribers.

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See the more than 40 different types of Housing you can search using HW

See the Housing Inventory Books you no longer have to use.

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Housing Guides about Legal Questions
   from Mass Law Reform Institute

Locate Landlord Information across Massachusetts 1
   Look to the top right-hand corner and type an address.
   (National version - Other states offer a similar service)

Locate Landlord Information across Massachusetts 2
   Sec'y of State's version (other states may offer a similar service)

Search Google for "Tax Assessor, City State"
   (helps locates Landlord Names and Addresses)

Search for "Landlord Phones"
   (Helps locates many Landlord Phone Numbers)

Locate the closest Social Security Office.

Massachusetts Emergency Financial Assistance Locations by city.

About the Massachusetts AHVP Program.

About the Massachusetts MRVP Program.

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