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How to Locate and Apply to All Low-Income Housing Opportunities

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For your housing search, use:

            Google Chrome - Download here
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Don't use:

            Your Phone (hard to print housing applications via phone)
            Windows 10 Microsoft Edge - not 100% compatible
            Internet Explorer - no longer safe

Other Helpful Resources
Agencies that might assist you with Housing Search
Many are only funded to work with those who are already homeless. Logically, every household needs a housing advocate to help nagivate the complicated helping system; to print and mail applications; and to explain terms and provide support. But you should check with these agencies anyway. HousingWorks believes that the only fair and effective strategy is for each state to fund full-time housing advocates who works out of City Hall and the local housing authority - please consider pushing for this idea in housing advocacy forums.

See alphabetized list of agencies
Locate Landlord Information for your Applications
Many states have similar services: Simply search like this: "New York Interactive Property Map

Locate Landlord Information
   Look at the top right-hand corner and type an address
Use one of these two forms to notify Waitlist Administrators about changes to your status:

MS Word | PDF

This Guide is a handy way to document discrimination you've experienced in your Housing Search:

HousingWorks: Discrimination Self-Help Handbook

Massachusetts Law Reform Institute writes short legal guides in 8th grade English.

Extremely Helpful Legal Guides from Mass. Law Reform Institute

Massachusetts Law Assistance Corporations

Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation - Good Directory of Resources and Legal Help from

This form is provided by HUD to help you formally complain about discrimination.

HUD: Discrimination Complaint Form.

Contacting your state and federal legislators:
This is often a great way to get institutions to respond to you more quickly. If you find that an agency, housing authority, or management company is not helping you fast enough, try having your state legislator call on your behalf. Each legislator has staff whose primary job is to help their particular consituents by making calls for them. Be sure to do your legwork before you call them.

Find your State and U.S. Legislators

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