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HousingWorks was largely built on volunteer time and maintains a limited staff. We spend all our time updating waitlist information on the website, so that you can locate all your options in one sweep. Unfortunately, this means we do not have any staff to personally help or advise the many thousands of people who need housing, even those of you who are in desperate circumstances. Also, we are not empowered to provide legal advice. All we can provide is access to our magnificent search tool that helps you locate every piece of subsidized, affordable, or special needs housing in New England in one sweep. We are sorry that this search will not solve your immediate housing concerns, and also we are frustrated that our government does not fund a sufficent number housing advocates since everyone who needs one. Still, what we can provide is more than valuable, it is essential.

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You can print out the Search Results and save them for later. Read the Search Directions slowly and carefully, else you will not get housed as soon!

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