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HousingWorks Staff 1 Here at HousingWorks Inc., we look for staff with a variety of skills to fit the multiple needs of our stakeholders in the subsidized, affordable, and special needs housing world ("SASN Housing"). We improve the quality of service for advocates, the quality and efficiency of waitlists for housing providers, and we provide first-ever data for policy makers . We pioneered the concept of an Internet housing ecosystem database to address the reality that the current housing Subsidized, Affordable, and Special Needs Housing system ("SASN Housing") is a Rube Goldberg contraption composed of many silos and many balkanized networks.

The SASN Housing world is truly over complex, and instead of getting simpler, is getting more complicated. To keep our own our services from devolving into the same kind of non-coordination, our staff fulfill multiple tasks within the company, so that they understand how one change in approach affects any other parts of HousingWorks.net. To that end, our hiring is flexible and we sometimes bring in short-term data entry staff from the affected populations, so that they can teach us how our policies and software are working - or not - at the grass roots level where all the real work is being done.

Below you can see the leadership and main players. Not pictured are the hundreds of advocates, management company staff, housing authority staff, and anonymous users who keep the information current through utilizing our Ecosystem model. Solutions are only possible by understanding that every stakeholder in the system has power to help every other stakeholder, from the poorest housing applicant to the heads of state housing agencies. Only HousingWorks.net taps all these resources through its unique model that treats everyone as an equally viable part of the whole.
HousingWorks Staff 2

Our Team

Occupation: Bookkeeper
Primary Focus: Bookkeeper
Occupation: Network Technician, Waitlist Builder, Data Entry
Primary Focus: Data Entry, Network Systems
Occupation: Finance, Marketing, Data Entry
Occupation: Founder, Systems Design, Outreach
Primary Focus: Systems Design, Advocacy

David Kokorowski
Occupation: Founder, Systems Design
Primary Focus: Original Designer/Designer

Daniel Curley
Occupation: Founder, Consultant
Primary Focus: Executive Guidance

Thuan Nguyen
Occupation: Development, Outreach
Primary Focus: Policy and Strategic Planning

Data Entry Staff

John Kraft
Occupation: Data Entry
Will Richter
Occupation: Data Entry
Zach Scrima
Occupation: Data Entry
Michelle Farren
Occupation: Data Entry
Juell Frazier
Occupation: Data Entry
Irene Gordon
Occupation: Data Entry

Our Training and Marketing Consultants

Mia Hutchinson-Shaw
Occupation: Script Editor contact her
Evan Sibley
Occupation: Voice-Overs
contact him
Zach Bokhour
Occupation: Graphic Designer

HousingWorks presently holds data on close to a quarter of a million housing applicants; serves hundreds of housing advocates, and provides waitlist services to one hundred subsidized and affordable properties in New England. We mine anonyumous, aggregate data on applicants and provides in order to compare supply, demand, waitlists times, and more. We are also looking to expand to provide waitlist services for more properties, and to assist more housing advocates. Our success is based on the unique way we link actions performed by individual advocates and providers to serve the greater whole. This means that non-subscribers and anonymous users also benefit hugely from the work performed by our customers, and, conversely, that subscribers benefit from non-subscribers and anonymous users. The larger our advocate and provider population grows, the greater the service delivery, accessibility, time savings, and cost-savings for all stakeholders. Contact us to see how you might benefit as an advocate, provider, or policy and planning agency!

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